The Hotel reserves the right to require payment of a deposit and/or full payment at any time prior to holding the function.

  1. All deposits and subsequent payments are non-refundable and non- transferable. £600 deposit is due 14 days after provisionally holding a date, a subsequent £1,000 is due six months prior to your event. An amount equal to 75% of the balance is due three months prior to your event. Final numbers and remaining balance are due 14 days prior to event.
  2. All rates and charges must be agreed prior to paying deposit and signing terms and conditions on the wedding schedule. Rates are non negotiable after this  point.
  3. All rates quoted include the current rate of VAT, rates are subject to change  accordingly.
  4. Any additional charges on the day must be settled prior to checking out of the Hotel, unless otherwise agreed with the Hotel Manager in advance.
  5. In the event of cancellation of any confirmed booking or non arrival by the customer, the customer shall pay to the Hotel a cancellation or non arrival fee. However, the Hotel shall do its utmost to re-let the space, but if having used their best endeavours, the Hotel is unable to do so, the following cancellation charges will  apply:


a. Prior to 12 months – loss of deposits only
b. 6-12 months – 50% of the expected total revenue
c. 3-6 months – 75% of the expected total revenue
d. 1-2 months – 90% of the expected total revenue
e. 1 month or less – 100% of the expected total revenue

Please note that once a booking is confirmed, changes of date are not permitted and would be subject to the cancellation policy. In the event of cancellation, The Empress Hotel will not enter into dispute with regards tp the persons liable for the cancellation fee. In the event of a dispute between either name on the contract, The Empress Hotel will deal with the person notifying of the cancellation. Either person will be liable for the FULL amount and we do not look to recover 50% from each party. Should the parties not settle any outstanding amount within the requested time frame, the case will be passed to solicitors to recover and all costs incurred wil also be claimed for from the names on the contract. The Hotel recommend that couples obtain Wedding cancellation insurance prior to booking the Wedding to protect themselves against accidents, ill health and other unforeseen circumstances including the failure of suppliers or couples breaking up. Details of links for sample policies for insurance can be found here, although The Empress Hotel do not recommend any particular provider.

Hotel  bedrooms:

a. Unsold allocation bedrooms will be released six weeks prior to event without notice.
b. Reservation lists must be provided no later than six weeks prior to the event.
c. All bookings must be guaranteed with a credit card.
d. Discounted room rate only applies to the first ten bedrooms unless otherwise agreed.
e. Individual bedrooms can be cancelled up until 12 o’clock the day prior to arrival.
f. Check in time is 15.00 hours or later. Guests arriving prior to 14.00 hours may leave luggage in reception if their room is not ready. Check out time is 11.00 hours on the morning of departure.

  1. All cancellations must be made in writing otherwise 100% charge will be made for the total business lost.
  2. The Hotel reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith, without any liability on its part in the event of damage or destruction to the Hotel by fire or any other causes, any shortages of labour or food suppliers, strikes, walkouts or industrial unrest or any other cause beyond the control of the Hotel, which shall prevent it from performing its obligations in connection with any booking. In these circumstances, every effort will be made to accommodate the booking in another similar hotel of equal standard.
  3. If the numbers of persons attending is reduced by 10% or more from the original number guaranteed, the Hotel reserves the right to change the booking to a different suite, or room (as best fits the numbers involved).
  4. The Hotel cannot accept responsibility for the property of customers or guests left in the Hotel. We refer to the Hotel Proprietors Act 1956, of which a copy is available for inspection at the reception desk.
  5. The customer shall be responsible for any damage caused to the Hotel or the furnishings, utensils and equipment therein by the wilful act or default of the customer or guests of the customer and shall pay to the Hotel on demand the amount required to make good or remedy such damage.
  6. The customer shall be responsible for the orderly and safe conduct of the function/ stay and shall have regard to any regulations imposed by any competent authority, and shall ensure that nothing shall be done which will constitute a breach of the law or anyway cause a nuisance or possible forfeiture of the Licenses for the sale of wine, beer, spirits or for music and dancing or other permissions attaching to the Hired Premises In particular the customer shall ensure that there is no illegal betting or gaming. The customer shall fully indemnify the Company against any claims or loss or damage arising as a result of a breach of this clause.
  7. The customer shall not store or place in the Hotel or the other buildings on the site or in the grounds any inflammable, combustible or objectionable substances or liquids. Chinese lanterns are   prohibited.
  8. The affixing of signs, displays or wall decoration is prohibited. .
  9. The Hotel cannot allow food or drink other than that purchased on the premises to be consumed within the Hotel by the customer or guests .
  10. The Empress Hotel reserves the right to refuse the use of its name in any form of advertising or publicity.
  11. Choice Menus will incur an additional charge.
  12. Allergy information on each dish is available on request.
  13. Public liability is required for all external services along with Health and Safety procedures plus any other documentation required by the Law.
  14. The Hotel shall not be responsible for the music played by a DJ and it is suggested that customers discuss their preferred style of music directly with the DJ prior to the day.
  15. The Hotel accepts no liability for non attendance of third party suppliers, their equipment or quality of services  provided.
  16. Cakes should be delivered on the day of the function, no food storage is available.
  17. All items belonging to the bridal party must be collected within 48 hours or will be subject to a storage charge of £50 per day.
  18. The Hotel accepts no liability for any goods left on the premises before, during or after the event.
  19. Access to the Hotel for preparations and decoration of the function room is normally available on the day of the event. If the space is not in use on the night prior, it may be possible to have access the night prior, but this cannot be confirmed until a few days before the date as bookings change at short notice. If guaranteed access is required the night prior, then a hire charge will be made to cover our loss in revenue from such an event. Please ask for details before booking.
  20. Hotel staff can only provide limited assistance in decorating the function room which will be limited to putting name cards and favours on tables, but these must be ready in advance and in the correct order against the seating plan. Additional room decorations prior to or during the day and evening should be carried out by friends or family of the couple and the Hotel reserve the right to charge an additional fee if Hotel staff are required to assist.

These Terms and Conditions are non-negotiable at all times and stand as a legal binding document.

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